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Welcome To Our Company

Manufacturer's Representative
For Electronics

Welcome to R. O. Whitesell & Associates, Inc. This website was designed to give you a better understanding of what we do, the geographical areas we cover and the Principals we represent.

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Our Mission:

To provide sales growth for our principals through professional service to our customers;

To continuously improve our effectiveness and value, while offering employees the opportunity for career development.



Services Overview

Professional Sales Services

Who Are We? We are one of the largest electronics representative firms in the nation in terms of people and sales.

Our billings per salesperson exceed those of the average salesperson in our industry as reported by the Electronic Representatives Association (of which we are a member).

We specialize in technical electronic components...

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Electronic Distribution Division

Our overall sales volume is derived from sales directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as through Electronic Distributors. The latter segment has been growing nationally at a greater rate than OEM. This has been true for us also, and it can be said that our growth in Distribution sales is due to a planned approach and investment in manpower/facilities starting many years ago.

Our overall program reports to...

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